PhD Candidates

Xanthippi Giannouzi

PhD Candidate

Xanthippi Giannouzi is a marketing and communication specialist with a 15-year proven tracked record in the fields of marketing and communication. She has been employed in private companies (Intrasoft Intl., Cencydiam-Synovate, MCOM, Greek Geeks) and her responsibilities involved branding, quantitative surveys, internal communication, pr, sales support, etc and in academic institutions (European University, BCA College, Mediterranean College, AKMI) as a marketing and management lecturer and final assignments supervisor at both graduate and postgraduate level.

Since late 2015, when she graduated the Public Centre for Public Administration, she has been employed at Tax Compliance Directorate, a unit of Tax Administration (Independent Authority for Public Revenue). She mainly holds responsibility for citizen surveys, data analysis and visualization, reports and graphs and she is a member of the TAXEDU project team under European Commission, regarding the production and distribution of tax education material. Her academic background lies in the fields of Communication (Degree in Communication and Mass Media, MSc in Political Science and New Technologies – University of Athens) and in Marketing (Certificate and Diploma – Chartered
Institute of Marketing). She is a fluent user of English and French (Proficiency Cambridge, Sorbonne II) and a professional user of MS Office Pro, Statistics, Graph Design and Google Tools.

Archontoula Armoutaki

PhD Candidate

Archontoula Armoutaki is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Economics at University of Piraeus in Greece. She has been sponsored by the Karelia Foundation for her doctoral dissertation. Her thesis focuses on the economic and social effects of tobacco taxation in Greece. Archontoula has obtained a Master degree from University of Piraeus in Economic and Business Strategy and a Diploma of Marketing and Communication from Athens University of Economics and Business.

Since 2012 she has been working as an auditor in the Attica Customs Audit Office in Greece. The main task of the current position is the compliance control of Greek companies regarding its export and import procedures.

Dimitra Balaska

PhD Candidate

Dimitra Balaska works in the 1st Health Region of Attica, at the Human-Resources Department Unit for Health and Social Solidarity Services. She has been working for more than 10 years in the public sector, firstly as a Health Visitor at the Mother, Child & Adolescent Protection Center, then as an administrator in the staff office and for the time being in the 1st Health Region of Attica, by decision of the Commander. Positioned in the 1st Health Region of Attica firstly she dealt with broader administrative issues concerning doctors of Primary Health Care, after that  she staffed the Department of Auxiliary doctors in Attica, and now she has as main object the Medical Recruitment Councils, with areas of responsibility: Attica, Piraeus and the islands of the Aegean.

Also, she is the chairman of the selection committee of crisis and recruitment of doctors for the 1st and 2nd Health Regions. She has also worked in a pharmaceutical company as a medical consultant and as a professor of dietetics in a Public vocational training institute and as a dietician as well. When she was a student she worked as a dance teacher, as a secretary of insurance consultant, as a secretary in a doctor’s office and as a timeshare saleswoman.

She holds three Degrees (Health Visitor, Nutrition – Dietetics and Business Administration), two Masters (Health Unit Administration and Public Administration), and now she is a PhD student at the University of Piraeus on the subject Health Economics. She has also been trained on subjects such as: Clinical Dietetics, Eating Disorders, Enterprise Restructuring Strategy, Human Resource Development, Public Relations, Economic Analysis, Quality Management System, Geographic Information System and Pedagogical and Didactic Competencies.

Dimitra has over 120 participations in international and Greek conferences as a speaker. Also she is the author of e-posters mainly on healthcare administration issues. She has also published 10 papers in scientific journals, has been a columnist on Mednutrition, and has participated in the scientific Group “nutritional intervention in students of primary and secondary education of the prefecture of Lasithi”. Finally, she has discovered with her professors Mr. Z. Fthenaki and V. Zafiropoulos the equation used by Futrex-6100XL to detect the percentage of body fat.

Michail Angelopoulos

PhD Candidate

Michail Angelopoulos since 2014 is Head of Planning & Financial Section at Research Center of Public Power Corporation SA (GR). The previous position in the Enterprise  was Head of  Research Section from 2008 – 2014. Prior was Chairman of the Board at Greek Observatory for the Information Society, and Chairman of the Board at Prefecture Enterprise of Athens.

Michail Angelopoulos was adjunct professor for operational research at Hellenic Air Force Academy, and for several years was teaching computer programming  at General Mathematical Department of Technological Education Institute of Piraeus (GR)

He holds a Degree in Mathematics and a MSc in Computer Science & Operational Research from University of Athens (GR).  Additional holds a MSc in Manufacturing: Management & Technology from The Open University (UK), a MBA from Hellenic Open University (GR), a Professional Certificate of Data Science for Executives from Columbia University (USA), a Professional Certificate of Six Sigma (Green Belt Level) and Lean from Technical University of Munich (Germany)  and a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate from PMI Institute (USA).  Also, Michail Angelopoulos since 2016 is PhD Candidate at University of Piraeus, Department of Economics (GR).


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Andreas-Irodis Rodakos

PhD Candidate

Governance, Risk & Internal Audit Services CEO, PhD (c), MSc, CICA, CCS


Mr. Irodis-Andreas Rodakos is CEO of KnR Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Internal Audit Services. He is certified by the Institute of Internal Audit IIC (CICA) (CCS), and a holder of a degree in Economics from Piraeus University of Economics. He also holds a postgraduate degree (MSc) in Business and Economic Strategy from the Piraeus University of Economics and he is currently a PhD candidate in Auditing and Economics at Piraeus University of Economics (Internal Audit and Corporate Governance).

He is also a member of the Auditors Registry for Public Utility Organizations of Hellenic Ministry of Finance and he has worked as an internal auditor in a number of Public and Private Health Units, such as the Onassis Heart Foundation, the General Hospital of Karditsa, the Volos General Hospital, the Pamakaristos Hospital, the General Hospital of Laconia, the General Hospital of Ioannina, the General Hospital of Chania, the University Hospital of Patras and the General Hospital of Ioannina and the General Hospital Laiko of Athens. Finally, he has served as the Internal Auditor in the Public Utility “Organization of Central Markets and Fisheries” and the Port Authority of Patras.

Professional experience

Mr. Irodis-Andreas Rodakos has served as Internal Auditor Manager Level in MAZARS for 6 years, plus he had worked for 5 years as Financial Controller in A.M.T.A & Co. firm, which is specialized in conducting private and public projects, gaining extensive experience in audits of Financial Transactions as well as in Management Accounting.

What is more, he has an extensive audit experience in the fields of audit and consulting services, from his participation in internal audit projects in a large number of companies from an extended variety of economic sectors and more precisely from Banking, Maritime, Pharmaceutical and Public Utilities sectors.

He has participated in construction, development and fulfilment in high level projects concerning:  Frameworks of Corporate Governance, Internal Operation Regulations, Policies and Procedures, Assessments of Internal Audit Services as well as specific controls, including Management Control, Operational Control, Physical Security Audits and Inspections for Loss Prevention & Fraud.

Also, Mr. Rodakos has participated in Project Management works as a member of regular audits and advisory services to national as well as to multinational companies listed on the stock exchange or not, as well as to public sector bodies or institutions. In addition, he has been in charge of internal audit services in more than thirty public bodies.

Expertise in Internal Auditing

Mr. Irodis-Andreas Rodakos has great experience in internal auditing processes and expertise in conducting auditing tests in all domains of internal auditing in the whole frame of transactions circles, such us: benefits, suppliers, sales, trading, inventories, costing, human resources, accounting, electronic systems, corporate governance.

Moreover, he has an extensive audit experience in evaluating the competence and the effectiveness of systems of internal auditing in order to track and to prevent of fraud, asset preservation and compliance with laws and regulations. His expertise includes also securing Business Ethics and conflict of interest at all levels of business, mainly in companies from Marine, Pharmaceutical and Frozen Food Sector.

Mr. Rodakos until so far has been responsible for the communication with the Directors of companies, in  the Board of Governors of which he had submit the audit reports, presenting all the findings concerning deficiencies or irregularities in the internal control system and presenting provisions of advice on risk management.

Education & Training

  • Certified Auditor in Internal Control Systems by the Institute of Internal Audit IIC (CCS)
  • Certified Internal Controls Auditor (CICA)
  • Member of the Auditors Registry for Public Utility Organizations of Hellenic Ministry of Finance
  • PhD (candidate) in “Internal Control and Public Sector’s Corporate Governance” from the University of Piraeus
  • MSc Degree in Business and Economic Strategy from the University of Piraeus
  • BSc degree in Economics from the University of Piraeus
  • ‘B’ class Greek Accounting & Tax License Holder by the Economic Chamber of Greece
  • Certification in ECDL Progress

Participation in professional associations / organizations

  • Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).
  • Member of the Hellenic Institute of Internal Auditors (HIIA).
  • Member of the Institute for Internal Controls (The IIC).

Eleni Poulimenea

PhD Candidate

Eleni Poulimenea was born in 1990 in Athens. She holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Piraeus and a Master in Economic and Business Strategy. She currently works on her PhD with focus on the Economic Impact of Customer Experience Strategy.

Eleni has a demonstrated history in the IT industry changing roles and positions. She is a passionate technologist at heart, as she started her career in Software Development for Airline Industry and then she moved to ERP/CRM implementations for the SMB.

Eleni currently works for Genesys Telecommunications as a Solutions Consultant covering Greece, Balkans and Israeli Enterprise Market. She is responsible for working closely with her clients to accelerate deliverables and drive business outcomes. The success comes from connecting the employee and customer conversations on any channel, every day at the right time. Eleni is Skilled in Business Analysis, Analytics, Process Automation, Workforce Management, Digital Transformation and Customer Engagement.  She has a track record in building high value solutions, thrives in leading cross-functional strategic initiatives, and is passionate about storytelling.

Also, she is active member of the Women in Technology ( GWIT ) group and Activist for women in the Tech Industry.

” Passionate of spreading knowledge through Public Speaking & Faithful believer in the Women Empowerment’

Efstathia Papathanasi

PhD Candidate

Efstathia Papathanasi is a marketing and sales professional with experience and ability to execute custom marketing plans. Results driven and always focused on the latest digital marketing techniques that enhances sales has a current professional position in a leading industrial and commercial consumer product company with dominant local and international presence. The responsibility spans from developing innovating products to market growth of professional and private label products. The academic background is in architectural engineering from the University of Thessaly (B.A.Sc, M.A.Sc) and has also received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Kent, UK. The research during the MBA studies was towards the digital disruption and transformation. During dissertation, there was an assessment of top digital applications in UK and Greece, giving proposals regarding efficiency improvement, more personalized formats and tailored experiences for customers.
Has received as a co-author a patent issued by the National Industrial Organization of Greece, with title Autonomous Portable water distiller operating with solar energy. Having recognized the need for safe drinking water a stand-alone device was patented to be used without maintenance requirements in any remote region with high social impact.
Her vision is to promote in the local industry innovation, quality and digital reform as the only secure way to achieving competitiveness, sustainability and growth of the Greek economy.

Zoi Patergiannaki

PhD Candidate

Zoi Patergiannaki is a Social Scientist, Activist and Entrepreneur. Born in 1995 in Athens, she graduated from Democritus University of Thrace with a BSc in Social Policy in 2017. She holds an MSc in Management from the University of Nottingham and is currently pursuing her PhD in the Department of Economics of the University of Piraeus. She started her research activity before finishing her undergraduate studies.
Professionally, she has worked in teams of Grant Writers and Consultants, designing, preparing and coordinating EU Funding applications. In April 2019, she decided to start her own R&D company, IMBC- Innovation Means Be Creative, in order to develop projects about culture, education and research in social and economic sciences.
As a student, she was a volunteer of the Young European Federalists and she was elected Member of the Local Board of Komotini and later on she was elected as Secretary General of the National Board. Also, she is a member of the Hellenic Association of Political Scientist. During her volunteer action, she has undertaken the design, and the management of many events attended by up to 150 participants.
Her area of interest includes Business Strategy & Strategic Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility & Social Economy, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
• Awarded from Hellenic Association of Political Scientists “Awards of HAPSc and Secretary-General Panagopoulou” as the best bachelor’s thesis of HAPSc’s member.
• Recipient of Nottingham University Business School Scholarship.
• Admitted to the Democritus University of Thrace 1st in rank.